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CockTail List



House Gin & Tonic: €8.50

Hendricks Gin, topped with Fever Tree tonic water and served with a slice of cucumber in a Hendricks cup


Aperol Spritz: €8.50

Aperol, Prosecco, Soda water, Rocks.


Negroni: €8.50

The Ultimate Aperitivo!

Hendricks Gin, stirred with Campari, sweet vermouth and a twist of orange


Negroni Twist – Milano da bere: €9.50

Bitter Campari and sweet vermouth stirred with orange and topped with Prosecco Spumante.


Bellini: €8.50

Created in Harry’s bar Venice, this in an Italian icon! Peach puree, Crème de Peche, topped with Prosecco


Strawberry Bellini: €9.50

A twist on the famous Bellini

Strawberry Puree, topped with Prosecco




Mojito: €9.90

Mateusalem Platino rum, fresh lime, fresh mint, sugar syrup, muddled and topped with soda.

For a Mojito Royale topped with Prosecco, add €2


Margarita: €9.90

El Jimador blanco, Cointreau and fresh lime juice


Bon-Bon: €9.90
Vanilla Vodka, shaken with limoncello, fresh lemon juice and butterscotch schnapps


Basil Smash: €9.90
Hendrick’s Gin, shaken with fresh basil, fresh lemon juice and sugar


Aperol Sour: €9.90
Aperol, Rhubarb liqueur, fresh lemon juice, sugar and a dash of rhubarb bitters


Limonito: €9.90

Luxardo Limoncello, fresh lemon juice, sugar, fresh basil,

topped with ginger ale


Whiskey Sour: €9.90

Wild Turkey bourbon, lemon juice, & sugar


Cinnamon Wind: €9.90

Havana rum (aged for three years old), Strega rum, cinnamon and fresh lime juice.

The great Eric Castro gave us one of the most wonderful drinks there can be mixed, for that we thank you!


Amaretto Sour: €9.90

Amaretto Disaronna shaken with fresh lemon juice,

sugar and a dash of bitters


Pacino’s Cosmopolitan: €9.90

Robert Cavalli vodka and triple sec shaken with cranberry

juice and fresh lime


Bramble: €9.90

A London classic! Hendricks gin, fresh lemon juice,

sugar syrup, shaken and crowned with Crème de Mure


Manhattan: €9.90

Rumoured to have been created by Churchill’s mum!

Rye whiskey, Martini Rosso, The Bitter Truth orange

bitters. Straight-up.


Cable Car: €9.90

Created in San Fran and named after the famous

mode of transport.

Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum, triple sec, shaken with fresh lemon juice and sugar and served

with a cinnamon and sugar rim.




XO Espresso Martini: €9.90

Robert Cavalli Vodka, Patron XO Café, espresso coffee, sugar.


Toblerone: €9.90

Chocolate grappa, stirred with Frangelico and topped with a layer of cream, chocolate and nuts.


The Godfather: €9.90

Scotch whiskey served on the rocks with a generous

helping of amaretto.


White/Black forest: €9.90

Cherry liqueur, shaken with Mozart dark or white chocolate liqueur and fresh cream.