Capesante Scottate

Pan fried scallops, beetroot waffle, green pea cream, mango pearls (Allergens: Fish/Dairy/Gluten)

Battuta di Manzo

Tartare of Piedmontese Beef served with sous vide egg, parmesan fondue and toasted hazelnut (Allergens: Egg/Dairy/Nuts)

Cubotti di Mozzarella Fritta

Deep-fried Mozzarella coated in breadcrumbs, served with sun-dried tomato salsa, and basil powder (Allergens: Egg/Gluten/Dairy)

Vellutata di Zucca

Pumpkin and Butternut Squash soup with amaretti crumble and rustic garlic bread (Allergens: Almond Nuts/Egg/Gluten) Vegan Option without Amaretti crumble


Tonnarello Cacio e Pepe

Tonarello pasta with cheese and pepper sauce, served with tuna tartare. (Allergens: Gluten/egg/dairy/fish)

Caramelle Speck e Scamorza

Caramelle pasta filled with Speck and Scamorza, served with a porcini mushroom sauce (Allergens: gluten/egg/dairy/sulphates)

Gnocchi de Zucca

Pumpkin gnocchi served with gorgonzola fondue, topped with toasted walnuts (Allergens: gluten/dairy/nuts/eggs)

Stufato di Agnello

Traditional lamb stew served with pureed potatoes (Allergens: celery/dairy)

Tagliata di Tonno

Seared tuna coated with pistachio, served with avocado mousse, baby potatoes, Stracciatella and green bean salad (Allergens: fish/dairy/nuts)

Spaghetti Viola

Spaghetti served with beetroot sauce, topped with crispy saffron quinoa. Vegan cheese optional. (Allergens: Gluten)


Mango and Passion fruit cheesecake (Allergens: gluten/dairy)

Homemade tiramisu (Allergens: Gluten/dairy/eggs) **May contain traces of Hazelnuts

Vegan Belgian Chocolate Mousse (Allergens: Gluten/soy)

Selection of Ice-cream (Allergens: Dairy) and sorbet **May contain traces of nuts

€55 per person plus service at 12.5%